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Mathematics and Physics for Computer Graphics

Jacobi Transformation and Eigenvalue Algorithm
Introduction to Frequency Analysis

Volume 1: Foundations of 3D Rendering

Volume 2: Better, Faster, More (2017)

Distributed Ray-Tracing
Texture Mapping
Depth of Field
Motion Blur
Area Lights
Intuitive Introduction to Anti-Aliasing
Multi-Threading in Rendering

Volume3: Advanced Techniques (2018)

The Infamous Rendering Equation
Bias vs Unbias Path Tracing & the Russian Roulette
Light Transport Algorithms
Intuitive Introduction to Importance Sampling
Subdivision Surfaces
Photon Mapping
Displacement and Bump Mapping
Metaballs and Polygonization of Implicit Fields
Shadow Map and Deep Shadow Maps
NURBS Surfaces

Digital Imaging

Procedural Generation of Virtual Worlds

Simulating Terrain